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How to take care of my skin at 25?

How to Look After Your Skin When You Turn 25

Our skin changes naturally as we age. But the first signs of ageing – visible pores, dryness, dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles – start to show already around the age of 25. This happens because when we reach mid-twenties self-repair mechanisms of the skin start to slow down and its two structural proteins – collagen (which keeps the skin firm) and elastin (which gives the skin flexibility) start to decrease.

Thus, 25 is the age of the so-called tipping point in the beauty world, when women should start being proactive about anti-ageing and start changing their daily skincare regimens. Many experts say that it is important to start sooner than later. But we bring you the good news: it is never too early or too late to start taking care of your skin! Of course, the sooner you start incorporating daily healthy routines, the stronger the foundation for keeping your appearance youthful and vibrant later in life will be. And needless to say – the sooner you start using anti-ageing products, the less likely you are to develop wrinkles and lines. So, if you haven’t started already, the perfect moment is now. Don’t worry; we will lead you through it step by step.


The secret to keeping the skin look youthful and glowing is daily care and smart prevention. As you age, so does your skin and with this come different needs.  Start off by changing your daily skin care routine to comprehensive skin care. The proper skin care, among other things, includes regular use of cleanser, toner, exfoliator, moisturizer and eye cream. You can start incorporating these products into your everyday routine already in your early 20s.

When selecting which products to use, always look for the ones that contain only natural ingredients and that have been developed to ensure safe use. Always opt for products which are chemical free and cruelty-free, vegan products. Using the right products help you get a flawless complexion and a beautiful skin, but choose wisely – because ingredients truly matter. One of the powerful ingredients that rose in the healthy skin care industry recently is CBD.

CBD products should be part of every natural and healthy skin care because CBD benefits are anti-inflammatory, analgesic and cell-regenerative. Thanks to its antioxidants, CBD can help slow down the ageing process and because of its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can help treat eczema, acne, and psoriasis. As such, CBD products are always packed with carefully chosen organic ingredients, free from parabenes, silicone and artificial aroma. Another wonderful ingredient you shouldn’t skip including into your healthy skin care is hemp oil. It is perfect for moisturizing, while managing the oil production, thus keeping your skin fresh and young.

PRO TIP:  products that contain CBD and hemp oil are the best thing you can find on the market now and the best gift you can provide to your skincare.

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Regular cleansing should be part of your daily beauty routine. Wash your face at least twice a day – once in the morning and once before going to bed. Cleansing at night removes makeup and all the dirt that accumulated on your face during the day. Regular removal of makeup is very important because if skipped can lead to clogged pores and this can cause further skin complications. The next step between cleansing and applying moisturizers is toning. It closes pores, tightens skin, and removes the greasiness that may remain after cleansing and keeps your skin balanced.

If this routine sounds like a challenge that seems overwhelming, sit tight because there is one magical product that has it all. Try out revolutionary Beauty Orgazm’s hemp oil cleansing facial lotion. This lotion is gentle and restorative, designed to remove makeup gently, cleansing the skin while toning it at the same time. Thanks to the pure natural and organic ingredients such as aloe vera and essential oils, it cleans the pores and impurities thoroughly, without irritating your skin, leaving it soft, fresh and clean.

PRO TIP: to maximize the effectiveness of the products you use and get that lovely glow, finish your routine by splashing some cold water onto your face.

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Once you have prepared your skin it is time for it to absorb all the active ingredients of face cream. With time, the skin begins to feel dry and tight so it requires a lot of moisture. Thus, it is important to hydrate your skin with a good moisturizer. Moisturizer traps water in our skin and protects the skin from early ageing giving it a more youthful appearance.

Take moisturizing to the next level with Beauty Orgazm’s hydrating CBD face cream. Formulated with Shea butter, organic Cannabis Sativa extracts, vitamins A, E, and organic vegetable glycerine this lightweight moisturizer revitalizes skin with moisture and provides protection. Together, these natural ingredients combat free radicals and prevent skin ageing. They also improve skin firmness, elasticity, and make the skin smoother and healthier.

PRO TIP: to get the maximum benefits, apply it both morning and night to face and neck after cleansing.

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The first signs of ageing are visible in an area around eyes. The skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate and thus more prone to early changes. That is why an eye cream should have a place in your routine, too.

Choose an eye cream such as Beauty Orgazm’s CBD anti-aging eye serum which can help immediately hydrate your skin and diminish the wrinkles. It works on eye contour as well. Its special formula with organic Aloe Vera, pure organic essential oils and olive oil fraction is a real quick-effect natural lifting. These ingredients also encourage the production of collagen and improve the elasticity of the skin.

PRO TIP: apply a small amount around your entire eye area using your fingertips and pat gently until thoroughly absorbed. Use morning and night.

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Another important part of your beauty routine is exfoliation.  Sloughing off dead skin cells is an important anti-ageing measure because it not only washes away dead cells but also stimulates cell renewal. Regular exfoliating can give you a smoother, brighter, and firmer skin with fewer wrinkles. Reach for a gentle face scrub with organic Beauty Orgazm’s CBD scrub with ethereal oils and by each application you will bring out more radiant-looking skin. Specifically designed for sensitive areas such as the face, it leaves skin silky and smooth.

PRO TIP: You can even exfoliate your skin in the shower once in a week for best results.

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Skin care doesn’t start and end in your face. Skin care is a whole body routine.  Never neglect your neck, chest, your back, shoulders, and hands. Especially hands! They are always exposed to sun and harmful chemicals in the kitchen and bathroom and very prone to dryness and roughness. To heal your hand dryness, use soothing and protective Beauty Orgazm’s hemp oil & CBD oil hand cream. CBD and Hemp oil are particularly indicated as an adjunct for skin problems such as skin rashes, psoriasis, inflammation, itching, and dryness.

This hand cream also contains beneficial ingredients such as organic Aloe Vera, olive oil fraction, Sunflower oil, Shea butter, vegetable glycerine and pure organic Sicily Lemon essential oil. It is easy and quick to absorb and protects hands from dryness and redness.

PRO TIP: apply hand cream right before going to bed and wear cotton gloves once in a while; thank us later!

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Changing the daily skin routine alone is not enough. Our lifestyle choices have a much greater impact on the way our skin ages. Our skin is under the constant influence of ultraviolet light from the sun (yes – even on a cloudy day), weather, pollution, gravity, and our habits. All these things over the years can make skin less elastic, saggy and prone to changes more quickly than it naturally would. Fortunately, even people who already have signs of premature skin ageing can benefit from making lifestyle changes. 

Your beauty comes from within, so start by drinking lots of water to keep your skin moisturized. If you smoke, stop. You will instantly notice the healthier look of your skin. Get a good supply of nutrients and boost antioxidants in your body on a daily basis through fresh healthy fruits and vegetables. Cut off sugar and processed foods that can accelerate ageing.


Exercise regularly. When you are active and fit, you speed up your blood flow and strengthen the elasticity of your skin. Even a small amount of regular exercise can bring big benefits, so try to sneak regular exercise into your daily routine by simply going outside for a walk as often as possible. Spend more time in nature as this has been proven to be beneficial not just for our mental health, but for our skin, too. Experts say that daily exposure to traffic pollution in cities may damage our skin severely. Damage shows up in fine lines, collagen loss, dehydration and dullness. So get out of the city, reach out for the forest, a nearby lake or – if you are the lucky one – walk by the beach. But, be careful and limit your exposure to the sun. While the sun is essential in providing us with vitamin D, too much sun can damage our skin and cause premature aging. Ultraviolet rays disintegrate skin layers, breaking down collagen or inducing an abnormal production of collagen. To avoid this, protect your skin with a daily SPF, try to avoid being in the sun during peak hours between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. when the sun’s rays are strongest and wear protective clothing.

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Healthy habits shouldn’t just stop at diet and exercise. Aim for a stress-free life. It is well known that the stress speeds up an ageing process. A positive attitude lowers stress levels and, in turn, reduces the prevalence of stress-related skin concerns. So laugh as often as you can, and don’t forget to relax. For instance, try facial massages as one of the effective ways for relaxation. They will not just unwind you but also clear your complexion and give you an instant glow. Or simply dive into the warm bath that you can prepare with a restorative Beauty Orgazm’s bath & shower gel with hemp & CBD oil. Refresh your mind and body and reactivate the vitality thanks to CBD, Hemp Extract and pure natural and organic essential oils of Peppermint and Sweet Orange.

At the end of the day, use the restorative power of a good night of sleep to clear your mind and ease your worry. Sleep regenerates and strengthens both brain and skin cells. Strive to make good sleeping habits of falling asleep and waking at the same times each day and your skin will be grateful in the years to come. 

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Last but not least

Wake up the next day to a healthy glow and repeat. Be consistent in following your daily beauty routines and you are sure to feel rejuvenated—inside and out. But don’t be harsh on yourself if you can’t stay consistent at all times. It is completely normal (and happens to all of us), to skip removing a makeup, for example, once in a while. Just try not to make it a habit.  The key to every success is to finish what you have started. Likewise, when it comes to our appearance, one or two mistakes mean nothing compared to all the times you have already invested and will invest in yourself. Make no compromises at the expense of your health and beauty. Choose wisely. Be committed to a healthy and active lifestyle, love your body and nurture your soul and you will feel more vibrant and alive. Most importantly, embrace natural and graceful ageing and enjoy the gift of life!

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