How to keep your hair healthy with CBD products?

Shiny, healthy hair, with great volume is no longer reserved only for the hair care TV commercials. Thanks to high-quality products, natural ingredients, and gentle hair care, you can make sure your bad hair days are only the past. Although this sounds super easy, millions of people around the world struggle to keep their hair healthy and revitalized. In other words, we all face some kind of hair problems – from split ends, dandruff, or dry hair to thin, dull or frizzy hair. The good news is you don’t need to be a hair expert to treat your hair like one of them. Thanks to some amazing hair products and innovative treatments, you can turn your place into your personal hair saloon whenever you want. The combination of innovative technology and good, old natural compounds results in products that will turn your hair into your most beautiful asset.

Made to help you shine, the products with hemp oil and CBD have already shown some great potential in the beauty industry. Their powerful impact on skin quality and its glowing, youthful look doesn’t stop to surprise. In a recent couple of years, CBD and hemp have become widely popular for their promising results both in the health and beauty industry. Thanks to its antitoxic and anti-inflammatory compounds, CBD has shown a great effect in treating a wide variety of health issues including depression, epilepsy, chronic pain, hearth problems and much more. On the other hand, CBD and hemp oil are becoming the number one trend in the beauty sphere. Their natural origin and organic compounds are the reason why more and more brands offer skin products rich in CBD and hemp oil. As the new ‘holy grail’ of the beauty industry, CBD has found a special place in the hair care, as well. Let’s see how these amazing cannabis compounds can change the way we treat our hair.

Why is CBD oil good for your hair?

CBD oil is derived from seeds of plants in the Cannabaceale family – marijuana and hemp. It contains 20+ amino acids, which are essential for building blocks of protein. This is exactly why it helps to build up collagen and elastin, which are crucial to hair strength. For this reason, CBD oil prevents breakage and even makes your hair locks look thicker and fuller.

But, the list of stunning benefits doesn’t end here. CBD oil is rich in antioxidants including vitamins A, C, and E. These three are proven to protect us from pollution-induced free radicals. Furthermore, the vitamin content of CBD protects hair from environmental damage like dryness and frizz. Plus, it’s high in essential fatty acids like Omegas 3, 6 and 9, due to which it prevents moisture loss while keeping hair well hydrated. Also, one of the amino acids in CBD oil, tyrosine, helps to maintain hair color and its natural glow.

Thanks to its regenerative properties, CBD oil is amazing for the scalp health. It’s very important for the good circulation that prevents quelling dandruff, sore or irritated hair follicles. Moreover, there are some pieces of evidence that it can stimulate hair growth, which is great news for the people who lose their hair.

The best hair products with CBD and hemp oil

If you search for the products that will do wonders to your hair, look no further. As the popularity of CBD and hemp oil constantly grows, we witness some major changes in the beauty and hair industry as well. There are some amazing CBD and hemp-based shampoos, conditioners and balsams you should definitely include to your hair care routine. Made to nourish your hair and give it the best treat, BeautyOrgazm’s gentle shampoo and hair serum, are the winning formula. This gentle shampoo with bio hemp and CBD is 100% vegan and comes with no silicones, parabene and artificial aroma. But its organic, natural ingredients are what make it truly unique. Due to their nourishing compounds, this shampoo will bring the very best in your hair. You will finally get that natural glow, high volume, and healthy hair look without a need to visit a professional hairdresser. Now, let’s take a closer look at this little piece of art when it comes to hair care.

Hemp & CBD gentle shampoo

Made to give you and your hair a healthy and attractive look, this shampoo will regenerate your hair and help you overcome the potential hair issues. Thanks to hemp extract and CBD oil, it will not only repair your hair, but increase its elasticity and thickness as well. For this reason, hair will become stronger, healthier and more vital. This will, eventually, increase its ability to reflect light and to shine as brightly as possible. Beauty Orgazm’s shampoo is very rich so you will need only a small amount to foam your hair gently. Sounds great? Wait for more! Besides the remarkable CBD and hemp extracts, this shampoo is high in some other natural ingredients well-known for their beneficial effect on the hair. Here are our favorites.

Aloe Vera

It’s not a secret Aloe Vera is a must-have compound of many beauty products. Its influence on hair health has also been familiar. This easy to use remedy contains amino acids and proteolytic enzymes which can heal and repair the damaged cells in your hair. Additionally, Aloe Vera helps stimulate dormant hair follicles, promoting hair regrowth. The moisture content of this famous plant helps condition your hair and keeps it hydrated. It also has anti-inflammatory properties to treat dandruff and flaking. This amazing plant contains essential amino acids and minerals like copper and zinc that are proven to help with hair growth while keeping it smooth and shiny.

Wheat protein

Another compound of Beauty Orgazm’s shampoo that deserves your attention is the wheat protein. Derived from wheat germ, this amber colored liquid easily penetrates the hair shaft and absorbs into the inner fibers of the hair. Since our hair is made up mostly of proteins, the proteins in a wheat act by repairing damaged hair follicles while lifting the hair up. Basically, it does this by fortifying hair cells with proteins. Another great benefit of the wheat protein is its ability to strengthen chemically treated hair by fortifying hair cells with proteins. It’s also effective for attracting and retaining moisture in the hair which will increase your hair’s body, fullness, and lift.


Keratin has a respectable reputation in the hair industry, for a good reason. In short, keratin is the type of protein that makes up our hair, skin, and nails. It’s naturally found in hair stands, which gives hair its structure. For this reason, keratin is promoted as a protein which strengthens hair. There are some proves that it makes hair smoother and easy to manage. Keratin works smoothing down the cells that overlap to form your hair stands. These layers of cells are called the hair cuticle, and they absorb the keratin, which leads to the hair that looks full, shiny and healthy.However, this protein is most famous for its ability to straighten the hair. These treatments are usually done in hair salons and are trusted by women all around the world. On other hand there are serums, shampoos, and conditioners with this compound, that make hair more damage- resistant and that repair hair that has been dried out. As Beauty Orgazm’s shampoo comes with keratin and a variety of other natural ingredients like CBD and hemp extracts, it’s a dream product for any hair type.


Panthenol is used in a variety of beauty products for a good reason. Its ability to regenerate both skin and hair, panthenol is loved and often recommended by beauty experts. This chemical substance is made from pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B-5. Beauty Orgazm’s shampoo includes it because of its ability to improve hair’s strength, softness and natural shine. Dry, dull locks are lacking in shine because the strand’s natural oils have diminished. This is where vitamin B-5 enters the scene. Basically, it coats the shafts, which helps to seal in the moisture and natural oils. This is why panthenol helps to smooth the cuticle and the overall stand, which results in shiny hair that easily reflects more light. Another great benefit of products that contain panthenol is that it helps with the breakage in the hair tresses. This vitamin derivate works by moisturizing tresses which eventually restores elasticity to your stands. If you want to reduce the number of split ends of your hair, definitely choose products with this amazing compound.

Hemp & CBD Hair Serum 

Natural ingredients, carefully chosen to help your hair revitalize and keep its beauty, are the main characteristic of Beauty Orgazm’s hair serum as well. This stunning product, high in bio hemp and CBD will give your hair glow it deserves. The organic origin of this hair product is what makes it different from other hair serums on the market. If you want a healthy and strong hair glow, search no more. This antistatic and illuminating fluid will not only protect your hair from heat and humidity, but also turn your hair brushing into a pure pleasure. Its secret is in its awesome compounds, which will transform your hair routine. Besides, CBD and hemp extracts we’ve already mentioned, this product comes with some amazing essential oils including Thyme,Linseed, Rosemary, and pure organic Sicily lemon essential oil. All of these ingredients have some remarkable benefits for your hair health, but if we have to pick our three favorites it would surely be Crambe Abyssinica, Rosemary essential oil and Olive oil.

Crambe Abyssinica phytosterols

Abyssinian oil is derived from Crambe Abyssinica and is known for its beneficial influence on hair’s health and vitality. It contains a high level of an Omega-9 fatty acid and is easily absorbed into the hair, giving it a boost to shine. Due to its omega-9 fatty acid content, this oil mimics the effects of silicone and can be a great choice for your deep conditioning treatments. Plus, it’s highly resistant to heat which means it can be used as a perfect heat protectant before blow- drying hair. As an interesting compound of Beauty Orgazm’s shampoo, Crambe Abyssinica, provides your hair with natural protection against the environmental elements. It acts both as a supreme antioxidant and moisturizer. What more you can wish for?

Rosemary essential oil

Used in culinary and as a healing herb, Rosemary has been part of the Mediterranean lifestyle for centuries. It’s frequently found in essential oil form. Due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, this plant has a wide health uses. But what’s interesting is its potential positive influence on the hair. In recent years, there are some claims that this oil may be great choice for hair growth. Some also say it could prevent hair loss, thanks to its ability to promote nerve growth and to improve circulation. Besides stimulating hair growth, rosemary oil may also help dry and itchy scalp.

Olive oil

Olive oil is so healthy, that doctors recommend it to everyone who wants to eat clean and keep in shape. Known for its great effect on the human body and health, this oil is respected by both medical and beauty experts. We all know at least one hair care product that comes with this remarkable oil. But what makes this oil so popular in the hair care industry? For starters, some research claims that this oil can have a major moisturizing effect. Plus, it could add softness and strengthen hair by penetrating its shaft and preserving moisture.


No matter what type of hair you have, or what hair issues you face, the right care based on the natural ingredients can really transform the way your hair looks. As the next big thing in the beauty industry, products with CBD oil are getting more and more attention in hair care as well. By increasing the hair’s elasticity and thickness, Beauty Orgazm’s shampoo and hair serum will add shine, softness and lift to your hair. In a combination with natural ingredients including Aloe Vera, Rosemary Oil, Wheat protein and Keratin, these products are all your hair have ever dreamed of.

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