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Best Skincare During Summer

The best beauty care during summer Sweet summertime, and its longer, glowing days and shorter, starry nights, is finally here. When we think about summer, most of us picture-perfect summer scenery – palm trees emerging from the white sand, the coconut smell of our tanned, healthy skin, and Bossa Nova music beats in the background. […]

How to get a glowing skin with hemp oil?

Beauty has a thousand faces, shapes, and body forms. Different skin colors and hair types are what magic is all about. That’s why we believe that beauty standards are irrelevant. Especially nowadays when we have the freedom to celebrate our uniqueness and to feel good in our skin. No matter what type of beauty we […]

How to keep your skin healthy during spring?

Longer days, warmer nights and lovely blooming flowers are finally here. It’s a springtime! As nature wakes up, our energy levels boost as well. Those sunny days are the perfect opportunity for big changes. If you want to transform your eating habits or to get your body back in shape, this is an ideal part […]

How to keep your hair healthy with CBD products?

Shiny, healthy hair, with great volume is no longer reserved only for the hair care TV commercials. Thanks to high-quality products, natural ingredients, and gentle hair care, you can make sure your bad hair days are only the past. Although this sounds super easy, millions of people around the world struggle to keep their hair […]

How can CBD help your skin?

In the modern-day and age, many people have decided to turn to nature and to non-toxic remedies. One plant, in particular, comes to mind when we talk about its wondrous healing properties and it’s been used for centuries for medicinal purposes… You guessed it, it is cannabis. The first recorded usage of the plant dates […]

Difference between CBD and THC

A Beginner’s guide to CBD and THC and its usage As the popularity of medical marijuana has rapidly grown in the last couple of years, more and more consumers are becoming interested in cannabis oils – especially in well-known, widely recognized CBD oil. Although the therapeutic effects and health benefits of cannabis have been the […]

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